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Terms / Conditions / Return Policy

Compliance To All Local / State / And Federal Laws & Regulations

  • Some states such as but not limited to California, New York, New Jersey, Maryland and others prohibit the sale of certain types of firearms, ammunition and accessories. While we examine each order for items that may be prohibited in your state, the responsibility to ensure any firearm purchased from SGS meets any local, state and or federal regulations in your state. Returns to Sanborn Gun Shop or refunds due to any issue related to compliance will not be accepted under any circumstances. 

NICS Background Check:

  • A NICS based background check is required for ALL customers regardless if the firearm is purchased directly from SGS or if SGS is receiving a firearm via an internet sale for transfer. Any firearm deemed un-transferable by SGS due to the customers inability to meet all local, state & federal firearm ownership requirements, including successfully passing a NICS check, will be subject to the terms of our return policy as detailed below.


Payment Methods:

Credit Cards Payments

  • Payments can be made in our shop with cash or credit using Visa / MasterCard / Discover. Payments can also be made directly through our secure website using any of the credit cards previously listed. For your protection, no credit card information is stored by Sanborn Gun Shop and additionally for your protection, no credit card orders will be accepted unless all of the following criteria is met:
  • Name, billing address, zip code and phone number must match exactly the information on file with the credit card company. In cases where items are being shipped to another FFL, please provide the receiving FFL’s address as the "ship to" address and we'll reach out them to secure the licensing information we need prior to processing your order.
  • To protect our customers and SGS, we reserve the right to reject any credit card order if we detect ANY indication of fraud or if the purchaser / account information cannot be validated.



  • All shipments shall be made in accordance with the Sanborn Gun Shop shipping guidelines and in accordance with all local, state and federal regulations.


Product Specifications:

  • At Sanborn Gun Shop we work very hard to ensure the accuracy of the information presented on our web site however, we are not responsible for any typographical / photographical or pricing errors of any type. Prices may also be subject to change without notice. 


  • All products sold by Sanborn Gun Shop carry only the manufacturer’s warranty. Sanborn Gun Shop is not a warranty / repair station and we make no express or implied warranty with respect to any of the products we offer. However, please rest assured that we will assist and work with you in a reasonable and responsible manner to resolve any problems that you may encounter with a new firearm.


Return Policy:

  • General
    - A Return Authorization (RA#) Number is required for all returned merchandise prior to return and must be requested within 30 days of original invoice date. Contact us directly at (716) 525-3674 to request an RA#. 
    - RA#’s are valid for 10 business days from the date of issue.
    - All authorized firearm returns are subject to a minimum a 25% restocking fee PLUS a $75 flat fee. The buyer will be responsible for insured return shipping costs unless the product is deemed defective cosmetically or mechanically upon initial receipt.
    - Merchandise that has been used is not subject to return to Sanborn Gun Shop. Any warranty related issues and should be referred to the specific manufacturer’s warranty repair center.

  • Customers that are unable to meet the requirements of a NICS background check and/or any local, state or federal firearm ownership requirements or if SGS cannot complete the transfer of a firearm to a customer for any reason, the customer will be subject to the following:
    -  Any firearm deemed un-transferable for any reason including but not necessarily limited to the customers inability to meet all local, state & federal firearm ownership requirements will be subject to flat a $75 fee, customer shall also be responsible for all insured return shipping to SGS or any SGS supplier and a 25% restocking fee 


Orders Not Picked Up After 30 Days From Date Of Order

  • Please refer to our Firearm Pickup & Storage policy as listed on our website

Undeliverable or Refused Shipments to Customer Locations or Other FFL's
- First refused shipment = 15% Restock Fee Plus $75 Flat Fee.
- Second refused shipment = 35% Restock Fee Plus $75 Flat Fee.
- Third refused shipment = 50% Restock Fee Plus $75 Flat Fee.


Questions Regarding Our Policy?

Contact Us Directly At (716) 525 – 3674

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