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Brand: BCM Model: BCMGFCMOD1762
BCM COMPENSATOR MOD 1 7.62 5/8X24 FITS 308/300AAC AR FEATURES-Gunfighter Compensator -Fits 308/300AAC-Mod 1 7.62 5/8X24-Tuned slots and interior cone offer maximum in recoil mitigations, compensation of muzzle-rise, and flash reduction.-Dual action brake minimizes side pressure and designed to have ..
Brand: BCM Model: 780-790
BCM RECCE-14 KMR-A AR-15 5.56MM 14.5" KEYMOD BLACK Additional Information Manufacturer BCM   Manufacturer Part Number 780-790 Item Number G780790 UPC 812526020505 BARREL LENGTH IN INCHES ..
Brand: BCM Model: BCMPNTTA1
BCM Triggers PNT ASSEMBLY AR-15 POLISHED/NICKEL/TEFLON FEATURES-PNT Trigger Assembly -AR-15-Polished Nickel Teflon -Trigger and Hammer are precision machined Mil-Spec AIS18620 per the USGI TDP-Not to be confused with MIM commercial market parts -Small Pin Trigger and Hammer Pins (.156"/.157")-Three ..
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